Lelaki Di Sebalik Pulau

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Naskah ini bercerita tentang undang-undang, politik, agama, idealogi dan hak asasi.

Lalu bagaimanapun kesemua fungsi bidang ini harus aman berrsatu di bawah sebuah perlembagaan nan suci, demi memayungi rakyat pelbagai latar, ras, dan budaya dalam membentuk sebuah negara bangsa yang sejahtera.

ISBN : 9789670723433

M/S : 168

Penulis : Yusmadi Yusoff

1 review for Lelaki Di Sebalik Pulau

  1. Ariffin Haron

    Lelaki Di Sebalik Pulau’ or literally translated as ‘The Man Behind the Island’ is a wonderful depiction of Yusmadi Yusoff’s view of law and society. The book’s clever design of articles bring readers into the mind of Yusmadi Yusoff to particularly understand his stand in life. His career as a practising lawyer has served him well in preparing this book to gauge the reader’s curiosity into the reality of legal practitioners. As the articles are written for the reader to appreciate most of the occurences in the local legal world, it serves both as a mechanism for the reader to improve their legal understanding and the affect on the real world. Yusmadi Yusoff had cunningly relate the articles to the reality of today for the reader to be indulged into appraising this book. This book had also captured Yusmadi Yusoff’s journey in undergoing legal studies to the term for his constituency of Balik Pulau as a Member of the Parliament. His down to earth approach of reaching to the reader should be acknowledged as a subtle means to have the reader’s attention into personally getting to know him. The title itself is one of many intelligent manner in this book for the reader to value that Yusmadi Yusoff writes as the man from Balik Pulau – ‘Lelaki Di Sebalik Pulau’ is a must read book for all without any generation gap for its benefit into indulging in the world of legal practice in the current local environment.

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